The cost of success

He had been in the the business for almost three years now and so far he had not chosen to acquire his own server. Whether he would be able to continue along those lines he was not sure, but something told him he would eventually need a dedicated server to keep his websites running efficiently. Before considering the need to rent server space there was a few things that had to be decided, one was whether there was an Internet server within his budget and whether such a company existed that would be able to provide him with dedicated servers if he needed them to.

As the first of many websites went up there was no serious Internet traffic to contend with and while this was a good thing because it kept his cost down, it did nothing for the profits that he hoped would appear. All sorts of marketing plans were put into place to help generate Internet traffic, however as it turned out the site traffic was altogether tepid at best. The traffic to website numbers remained small until what appeared to be a series of spikes that turned into a maintained visitor presence. It may have been time to seriously consider unmetered server rental, but unless a reasonable pricing structure could be reached, this too would be a challenge.

The hunt went on for an affordable server that would be within his budget as it provided a dedicated hosting service. Some of his friends suggested that low cost servers were not easy to come by and when they did, they did not always offer a dedicated service. Something would have to be done and quickly, because at the present rate that his Internet traffic was increasing, if he did not find someone to provide him with a cheap server quickly, he would no longer be able to keep his websites up and running.