We provide e-Commerce Solutions that work!

E commerce describes consumer and business transactions that take place over the Internet. We expect to see e commerce usage increase exponentially in the next few years. So besides alienating customers who now expect most businesses to have already opened their online shopfronts, you could be ceding large portions of market share to your competition by leaving e commerce out of your sales strategy.

E-commerce Marketing

E commerce’s key strengths are access to global markets thanks to the ability to process remote commercial transactions from almost any location in the world, and increased productivity thanks to the creation of more streamlined sales processes and the reduction in company overheads. For many years, Creation Catalogue e-Commerce Solutions has been helping its clients to take advantage of these features and develop an alternative sales channel and revenue stream for their business.

Adding e commerce to your sales toolkit could set the next major stage of growth for your business. Creation Catalogue has seen some of its clients double their sales numbers in as little as one year through a carefully designed and implemented e commerce system complemented by a strong online marketing strategy. With our tailored e commerce products, expert guidance and support, Creation Catalogue can help you to achieve similar results for your business.

Creation Catalogue provides end-to-end information systems consulting and systems analysis, from up-front business strategic planning and analysis through systems design, implementation and support of advanced software applications.

As your company grows, so do your technology needs – and so does the importance of your investment decisions. Our business systems capabilities help guide you through the decision-making process, focusing on business/organization transformation, change management and planning, and web and technology strategy and planning.

If you want software application solutions tailored to fit your needs, you will want us to be your application solutions provider. From design and development to support, we know there’s only one way to help you overcome your software application challenges – providing solutions that work for your business, not against it. Efficient and effective businesses are connected – on a people level, a network level and a computer level. Whether you are implementing large-scale applications (ERP, CRM, Custom, Package), moving to a new location, or going through any substantial changes within your business, you need a reliable infrastructure. Depend on Creation Catalogue for all your solutions, from assessment and design to support services and desktop management. We’re here for you.

At Creation Catalogue, we recognize how important Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Web Services are to your company – no matter the size. We also know that with time, these tools have become larger, more modular and more indispensable. Of course, they’ve also become many times more complex.