Web Development & Design

Your business needs to run smoothly and without interruption, so let us provide complete website development and support and take care of your domains, hosting and e-mails. Our services are designed to satisfy all your business needs from the outset of the web development process, all the way through implementation and beyond. Your website will be taken care of even after project completion by our flexible, affordable and trustworthy web support services.

Website Development


Your requirements and business needs will be met by Go Live UK’s in-house professional website development team, who will ensure you are given the best service possible throughout the whole web development process. You will work with our team of knowledgeable developers, project managers and graphic designers to fulfill your vision professionally and with great attention to detail. You can easily contact our London – based web development team who will complete your web enquiries in a timely manner and with great attention to details.


If you need urgent website support of out-of-hours, we can provide it. You will have access to telephone support from experienced helpdesk staff 24/7 to help keep your website running faultlessly.


Your e-commerce website has to be on duty for you 24/7. As an established London-based web development company, Go Live UK has a proven know-how in managing small, medium and large-scale e-commerce web development projects with a high level of complexity, so you can be confident that we can help with the process on all levels.


Controlling your own content using a CMS gives you the power to make your site dynamic and attractive to your clients while increasing sales and giving your team the freedom to update information whenever they need to. Your employees will be able to manage your website content no matter if your operations are based in London or outsourced abroad. Your website will be provided with CMS at the very beginning of the web development process. We work with four of the world’s most powerful CMS platforms: DotNetNuke, Magento, WordPress and OpenCart.


Meet the highest standards of website security. You can be sure that the websites we build meet those standards for high-quality website development and trusted systems. Your site is hosted on one of our dedicated servers situated in the UK and the websites we create are always compliant with the Data Protection Act. Another critical aspect of website security is your SSL certificate, which ensures secure transactions between web servers and browsers.


Managing your domain name registration and maintenance is something Go Live UK will take care of along with the development of your website. We will monitor and remind you of your renewal dates and make any adjustments to settings that you require. Your domain will be registered to you as registrant on the WHOIS database, so you are free to do whatever you like with your domain when you work with us.

You can now register with us your business domain name using one of the hottest new extensions including: .uk, .london, .shop, .company etc.


Take advantage of our complete online solutions including not only website development and support but also trustworthy hosting solutions. You’re offered a range of web hosting packages that offer affordable, flexible and reliable hosting service and get the most out of your web space. By choosing a reliable hosting provider, you can relax in the security of knowing that your site is fully functional all the time. Your website and emails will be taken a good care of thanks to our 17-years’ know-how not only in web development but also in hosting websites of a different scale.